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The GRAM Modular Treatment System is a fully biological sewage-treatment plant which works on the principle of the SBR method (sequencing batch reactor procedure).

The plant principally consists of 5 stages Process of a SBR system

  1. Charging
  2. Aeration
  3. Rest phase
  4. Filtration
  5. Excess sludge extraction phase
  • Primary Sludge stage with an integrated pre-buffer 
  • Activated Sludge stage in sequencing batch operation (SBR chamber) 
  • Settling stage in the SBR chamber to deposit suspended solids 
  • Clarified water decantated to the filter feed tank auto valve or pump 
  • Filtration process occurs in the final stage with proper disinfection. 


  • Advanced technology in the water treatment plants
  • Less foot print compare to FBBR process
  • Operating flexibility and control.
  • Potential capital cost savings by eliminating clarifiers and other equipment.