Reverse Osmosis

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Reverse Osmosis Process is the forced passage of water through a membrane against the natural osmotic pressure to accomplish separation of ions and water into two parts namely Permeate and Concentrate”.

The GRAM series of Reverse Osmosis systems was proven, highly reliable and a cost effective solution for treating a wide range of waters.

Gram Envo solution Pvt. Ltd. offers a Reverse  Osmosis Plants ( RO Plants ) to cater the water-related needs in India. The RO plant has been diversified into 3 categories as per the usage and requirements of the water consumers,

  • Residential RO plants or systems
  • Industrial RO plants or systems
  • Commercial RO plants or systems

Salient Features of RO

  • Reverse-osmosis membrane which removes virtually everything such as   heavy metals, lead, salt, chromium and dissolved solids
  • Reverse osmosis operation and control are uncomplicated, while  maintenance is easy and free from trouble.
  • Reverse Osmosis plant operates with three types of Membranes  according to the area of projects.
  • Brackish water membrane
  • Sea Water membrane
  • Brine water membrane