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MVR is called Mechanical Vapor Recompression. It use the centrifugal compressor to re-compress the secondary vapor(low temperature and low pressure) which is evaporated from the liquid material to rise its temperature and pressure, so as to reuse it as heating source to evaporate the liquid material again. The process is to convert a small amount of electric energy to more heat energy. Theoretically, compared with multi-effect evaporator, it can save more than 50%~80% energy consumption and 90% cooling water. 

The mechanical evaporator process has been widely used for decades and in many industries to harness the energy efficiency of mechanical vapor compression devices to drive evaporation. 

Evaporation is a thermal process used for concentrating a liquid, where heat is delivered to the liquid to excite molecules of “volatile” components in the liquid to “boil,” causing those molecules to transition from liquid to vapor phase, which allows them to separate away from the liquid. For example, boiling beef stock in a pan over a burner on a stove, or in a hot oven, evaporates water from the boiling liquid and reduces or concentrates the beef stock solids. 


  • Chemical industry 
  • Salt brine concentration 
  • Beverage industry like milk, juice, sugar, etc. 
  • Food industry like MSG, soy, protein, sugar etc 
  • Pharmaceutical industry concentration 
  • Textile industry