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the worth of Water


Waste Water treatmentWaste Water treatment

Waste Water Recycling

There is

no life

Without Water


Safely Managed Wastewater is an Affordable and Sustainable Source of Water

liters of water being recycled everyday.


” The future belongs to us because we have taken charge of it. We have the commitment, we have the resourcefulness, and we have the strength of our people to share the dream across the world to recycle water”

GRAM formerly called GETS is one of the leading Environmental Engineering companies in Asia.

Our reputation is based on the expertise and experience in a broad range of well-proven processes. We provide international technology for water treatment to industrial, domestic requirements of water and wastewater treatment and an extensive track record in the designing, supplying, and construction of plants across the world for the treatment of water, wastewater, sewage water, and sludge. Our team comprises of highly qualified environment engineers, experts, and techno crafts in the field of water treatment management.



Every day 2,00,00,000 liters of water being reused.

GRAM contribution towards the environment through our system.


Number Of Installations


Liters of Hygiene drinking water delivered


Liters of water recycle by our Installation per day


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From water treatment to industries, our products and solutions are used in almost every corner Asia. GRAM’s purpose is to help our customers to improve their water, energy and raw material efficiency by introducing sustainable products and solutions to the market.

GRAM always concentrate that all health, safety and environmental aspects of our products throughout the lifecycle are properly addressed in all what we do.

GRAM focus on Safety and minimized environmental impact on our operations. High-performing environmental, health, safety and quality management is fundamental to GRAM. It is an integral part of our daily business management and daily work. We want to work as a responsible company within our entire value chain, from procurement of raw materials to the manufacturing and delivery of the right quality products to our customers on time and safely.

Everything GRAM performs is based on people and integrity. Company-wide, we strive to foster a culture of openness, respect and curiosity. Our commitment to people is our foundation for succeeding now and in the future. Integrity starts with each one of us, and this is best exemplified in our Code of Conduct.


Pollution 48%
Industrial Wastewater 71%
Municipal Wastewater 90%
Raw Wastewater 80%
Agriculture 74%


They Entrust us for every drop!