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Bloom Box ®  Sewage Treatment Plant 

GRAM is the first water treatment company in India to introduce BLOOM BOX the single system with all pollution control measures. We are the next revolution in waste water treatment market. 

Bloom Box is the only solution to control the water pollution, air pollution, Noise Pollution within the limits, there is no need of plant rooms and numerous civil tanks. 

The Plant is single built in a closed module which has different chambers have been arranged, facilitating their transport and installation. Every chamber has been provided with the necessary access and inspection registers. 

This modular construction allows the increase of the processing capacity by placing more Plants in parallel. The air diffusers responsible for the oxygenation and agitation of the Sewage. 



  • Low investment Cost. 
  • It is easy to operate and trouble free 
  • It has automatic sludge waste and has no sludge return 
  • Stable under large load variations. 
  • Flexible Design that allows for increased capacity 
  • In build Odour control & Noise control. 
  • Less installation time 
  • Minimum Space mobile plant. 
  • Packaged and transportable plant 
  • Based on Green Technology Concept 


  • Title

    The bloom box is a packaged type sewage treatment plant fabricated with MS sheets 

    with the thickness of 8 mm and 6 mm sheets. 

  • Title

    Also we have provided graded epoxy coal tar paints inside of the tank and applied 

    graded anticorrosive paints in the outside bloom box. 

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    Sequence of branded pumps and blowers, filters will be provided with product 


Primary Treatment

i) Screening

  • Coarse bar screens 
  • Fine bar screens 

ii) Equalization tank

  • Equalization (EQ) Basins are designed to provide consistent influent flow to downstream processes by retaining high flow fluctuations. Due to the additional retention time, aeration and mixing is required in equalization basins to prevent the raw wastewater from becoming septic and to maintain solids in suspension.

iii) FBBR tank (Attached Growth Principle):

  • In the attached growth process, the microorganisms are attached to an inert packing material especially a wide range of plastic fill media packings.Plastic fill media blocks consist of corrugated sheets usually made of PVC or Polypropylene material. Typically, the surface area of plastic fill media blocks is between 30 and 70ft2/ft3 (100 to 240m2/m3).

IV) Clarifier:

  • Sedimentation has served as a tried and true method for wastewater treatment. Gravity forces contaminants to settle downward in the surrounding liquid whereas clarified water can be removed separately. Since it’s a attached growth system the clrafier retention time is very low to achieve better sedimentation.

v) Clarified:

  • It’s a simple storage tank to hold the clarified water which is having automated float system for filtration process

Pump Room:

The specialty of the tank we have a pump room in the bloom box itself it contains all the equipment like air blower pressure sand filter and activated carbon filter , UV , Dosing pumps , sludge pumps.

Treated water tank

The Treated water tank with proper outlet provision is provided to discharge for gardening purposes. 

Ultra filtration

UF is also provided with inside the Bloom Box to achieve best quality of water for flushing
purpose. Since, it is a tailor made fabrication process, we have adjust the space inside the