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The principle operation of ETP is Physico-Chemical treatment followed by Polishing Treatments like –Sand Filtration, Activated Charcoal treatment (Adsorption), Ozonisation (Chemical Oxidation), Ultra Filtration (UF), Reverse Osmosis (RO) and evaporation .

Industrial effluents contain various materials, depending on the industry. Some effluents contain oils and grease, and some contain toxic materials (e.g., cyanide). Effluents from food and beverage factories contain degradable organic pollutants. Since industrial waste water contains a diversity of impurities and therefore specific treatment technology called ETP is required. 

GRAM’s Bloom Box Effluent Treatment Plant is totally self-contained, covered, single piece packaged treatment system for onsite wastewater treatment. Package ETP’s are innovative and truly versatile systems for the effective treatment of wastewater, including Nutrient removal. They can be configured for BOD reduction, suspended solids reduction, Ammonia cal and/or total Nitrogen reduction and Phosphorus reduction. Features have been built into the Single Packaged Plant to create the physical-biological tertiary treatment with water recycling. 

Benefits of ETP

  • To clean industry effluent and recycle it for further use
  • To reduce the usage of fresh water in industries
  • To preserve natural environment against pollution